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The project arose from the idea of ​​increasing melodic studies in the studio, making them more efficient and enjoyable for students. Thus, with the emotion of the words Bel canto and trombone, the Bel-bone project was born. The research, ongoing since 2019, seeks some more musical answers and ideas for teaching the trombone. Our material focuses only on Brazilian, popular, classical or folk music.


Discover our books already released, and download them for free:

Bel-bone: Exercícios básicos inspirados em música folclórica brasileira

Estudos Líricos Brasileiros para trombone

Duetos Brasileiros - Livro 1

Quartetos Fáceis

Exercícios Básicos
Bel-bone: Exercícios básicos inspirados em música folclórica brasileira 

The exercises gathered here are intended to be support material for trombone teachers, especially for beginning students. To this end, the role of a teacher or advisor is suggested, pointing out the exercises that best suit to increase a skill or solve a specific technical problem.

The exercises are grouped looking for technical similarities. They can be grouped in the best way for each student. Note that several exercises start simply and become more and more advanced, especially in relation to the extension used. The student can only make up to the grades that he feels comfortable with. The same applies to some shades addressed.

And above all, the entire book is intended to be a fun, musical way to introduce and improve the fundamentals of trombone for students. They should always be done in a playful way, always bearing in mind that MUSIC and the PLEASURE of playing are the most important points for a musician.

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Bel-bone: Estudos Líricos Brasileiros para Trombone
Estudos Líricos

Brazilian Lyric Studies for Trombone brings together 31 songs by Brazilian composers in the form of melodic studies. They are songs by important Brazilian composers such as Alberto Nepomuceno, Chiquinha Gonzaga, Lorenzo Fernandez and many others. We have works with distinct characteristics ranging from the end of the 18th century to the beginning of the 20th century, all of which were idiomatically adapted for the trombone, adapting the tessiture, suppressing long pauses, etc. We also seek to have the widest possible variety of shades. The exercises were organized in a progressive way of difficulty.

Duetos Brasileiros - Livro 1

Bel-Bone: Brazilian Duets, book 1, features 10 Brazilian music duets, to be used alongside the project's textbooks. We would like to encourage performance both in the classroom and in concerts, encourage students to play more, transform learning into a more fun and enjoyable activity. One novelty is that there are versions for other instruments, so duets can be played in other formations. Find out more about composers, songs and genres. Have a complete experience and have fun.

Capa de livro vintage papel envelhecido marrom (2).jpg
Coleção Musica Brasileira para Trombone

Volume: Quartetos Fáceis - download it for free from the publisher - click on the image


Luar do Sertão 

Catula da Paixão Cearenese

Rasga Coração 

Anacleto de Medeiros/ C. P. Cearense

Samba Lelê 



Noel Rosa



Ó Abre Alas 

Chiquinha Gonzaga

Danado di Bão 

Edilberto Santana 

Flor Amorosa

Joaquim Calado

Lua Branca

Chiquinha Gonzaga

Se essa rua fosse minha


by Henrique Gil

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